Nice Legs--but For Pity's Sake, Comb Yer blinkin' Hair!

I've a young girl from over in the UK who e-mails me, from time to time. She's sort of adopted me, I'm thinking. Not that I've encouraged her, really--but hell, if I don't understand loneliness, no one does, ey?

She started writing me out of the blue, after reading my naff little Dr Who website I'd made last summer. I just did it to pass the time on a rainy day, as I recall--and gosh, didn't we have terrible lot of those, last summer? Didn't help our tourism based economy, that's for sure.

Anyway, seems this young lady is not only a Dr Who fan, but...a major David Tennant fan girl. Yeah. Wonderful.

For the past five months, every once in a while, I get an e-mail from her, extolling the virtues of David Tennant. DT this, and DT that--oh, and did I know that DT did...blah, blah blah. Oi! Do I look like a drooling fan girl? I'm 46 flippin' years old! And a genuine old maid! I don't do the fan girl bit--it's undignified at my age. Okay, I used to seriously have a thing for McGuyver, but don't tell anyone. ;)

But, this young woman really seemed awfully lonely. Seems she lived in a remote area, and had no one much to talk to--and from what I gather, her parents don't like Dr Who---how the hell could anyone NOT like Dr Who?

So, I humor her. I even got her starting to write. Seems she read some of my lousy fan fiction on a major Dr Who fan fic website, and I talked her into writing something of her own--now I just noticed that she's go 4 stories published, which is wonderful, I think.

But gosh--don't I have to put up with a lot of...stuff, coming through my e-mails--mostly pics of David! I mean, I think this young gal knows far more about this actor than his own mother does, for heaven's sake!

One time, I was fooling around on a Doctor Who website and said that I didn't find Tennant at all sexy (well, I don't--I think he's average-- nice looking I suppose, No.) And my friend had a fit. You know, she saw it and had a fit! She actually demanded that I apologize to David Tennant! Yeah, right. I'm sure the man could care less--for one, he lives on a different continent, for two--a guy like that wouldn't give a flying fig what someone like me thinks--he wouldn't even give me a first glance, were we to walk by each other on the street---what's he care what I think?

But, she was so upset with me, that I humored her--sort of. I went on the website and apologized to Mr. Tennant--for him not being sexy. :)

Anyway, the girl's always sending me reams of photographs. This morning I awoke, checked my inbox--and viola! Yep--more pics of DT. Oh goody. Not.

Yeah, there were pics of his stint on Comic Relief. A couple of him in his dress kilt---nice legs. And one where he was on stage or something--looking like he's just rolled out of bed! OMG! Did this guy really go out in public dressed like that? His hair looked like he'd just stuck his finger in a live light socket, and he looked like he hadn't bothered to shower or shave in a few days.  Does his mother know he goes about like that?

I mean seriously, I've seen winos coming out of the one of the dives downtown, looking better than Tennant does in those Hell. No. Is this what's considered a trendy look in the UK now? (Shudder.)

If it is, maybe being an old maid's not such a bad thing.

David Tennant is a fantastic actor--I mean, he's no Derek Jacobi, but, that said...he's really exciting to watch at work. And he seems a nice enough guy, from the very few interviews I've seen him do, I don't know....but the scuzzy bum look--yech. Glad I don't have to wake up to that every morning, ha-ha. Of course, I should talk--I still look like I just came off the turnip truck. :)
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46-50, F
Mar 20, 2007