Walking Daleks?

So the Daleks in Series Three will have feet? What sort of shoes do they wear? Do they use odor-eaters in them? If Athlete's get Athletes foot, do Daleks get Daleks foot?

The Doctor snogs Martha, but it's called "genetic transference." Yeah, well, I'm a genuine old maid, and I've never been properly genetically transferred.

Ah well. Oh, and scuttlebutt is about this mysterious Mr Saxon. All part of a now seemingly standard plot device that RTD is using, stick something in every episode (ala "bad wolf") a little "teaser" and then do the big revel at the end. In Series One is was "Bad Wolf"--in Series Three, it's Mr Saxon. Oh, and aren't the rumours flying: Mr Saxon is either: The Master, The Doctor's son, or, a former companion gone bad.

Ah well, guess we'll have to wait and see what happens at the end of the series, ey?
whovian whovian
46-50, F
Mar 26, 2007