What's Next? Ma and Pa Kettle Meet the Daleks???

I must say, that the tiny bits that I've seen of the upcoming season of Dr Who have been quite intriquing.

Most especially, that part where, in what I think is a space taxi or some other kind of space ship, are two passengers, that look remarkably like the man and woman in the famous painting, "American Gothic." (Yes, it was a painting long before Shaun Cassidy made it into a sci-fi series).

What the hell's the representation of a rather dowdy couple from an old American painting, doing in Dr Who? Was good ol' Russell T Davies hitting the sauce a bit too much, when he wrote that one? Was he being just a tad facetious? Did he just throw that in because he was bored and couldn't think of anything else more original? Or does it have some deeper meaning, only known to this alleged genius of a writer--well, okay, he is a genius of a writer--but really, what the hell?

I am all for abstract thinking--in it's place. One reason I don't always like straight sci-fi, is because sometimes it's gets so into being abstract and/or technical--that it leaves the reader--and sometimes the story itself--behind. I hope this isn't going to be the case with Who.

I like the subtle--and not so subtle--twists and turns in the "new' show, sometimes--but only when they make sense. I've enough things in my life that don't make sense, without having to worry about a TV show starting that, as well.

I love Dr Who with all my heart and soul--but I swear, if it starts getting too weird or out there--I'm outta' here. I don't mind modern art--if it has some logic to it--or if it's just a lot of colours thrown about--at least some sort of estetic (or however you spell the damn word) appeal.

Sorry, I'm definately cranky, tonight. I think my pain killer's wearing off--and my bad spelling goes from bad to worse when I'm in an especially foul mood.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow--have to go to the store--and work 5 hours--and get up and down the 2 flights of dirty, carpeted stairs literally on my bum--with the groceries, cat litter and such...before I go in to work--and working on Sundays----if people are nasty on Friday and Saturday--they are triply so on Sundays. I love working phones--voice work always came easy to me--but telemarketing is hell--especially when you hate the company who's product you are selling's, very guts---I wince every time I make a sale--because this company that my company sells for, is just a rip off scam, masquarading as a legitimate business.

I hate it--but it's the only job I've got, and it pays better than Burger King or WalMarts or Travelodge or Saratoga Gaming and Raceway, or Six Flags/Great Escape--or most local businesses--most jobs around here--unless you are a "professional" or work in a mill or assembly line--are strictly minimum wage jobs.

Anyway, getting back on track, I hope that Davies doesn't mess about too much with Who--he did get some people upset with allowing the Doctor to kiss (aka genetic transfer) Martha in the first eppy. Oh, did the Rose fans cry foul over that!

But, overall, I've heard nothing but praise for Series 3, and tho' I've no way of knowing, right now, whether I'll ever get to see 3 or not (no cable tv, no Sci-Fi channel), and am sad to have missed it, very sad, I still am glad for the folks who make Who, in Cardiff, and have nothing but good wishes for them all.
whovian whovian
46-50, F
Mar 31, 2007