Dr Who May Rule, But the Bbc Sucks!

After being down for so very long--having that drastic reduction in income, the Soc. Sec. people nailing me for a mistake THEY made, and my student loan sharks circling me hungrily, I've been severely depressed. Being totally alone hasn't helped much, and being poor and having to stay confined mostly, to my little apartment, due to the bad weather this winter (I'm mildly disabled and don't own a car anymore) hasn't helped put me in an upbeat mood. I hate my job, I have no life to speak of, and my future is pretty much finished--what little future I may have is looking dismal and grim and just..untenable.

On top of that, I've made such a dogs dinner of my right foot on Friday, I'm going to be in agonizing pain--and on crutches--for a very long time. And it's not going to heal properly, "cause I can't afford the therapy and treatment.

I had to pass up two job offers--crap hard labour jobs--but good-paying, because of my stinking foot.

The only good thing in my life--the ONLY thing that makes me smile or laugh anymore: Doctor Who.

And I was so thrilled to see Smith and Jones on the internet--I was so very happy--It made me laugh and smile for the first time in a long, long while.

But, the chav-snobs at the BBC have done it again (they banned Yanks from watching their Tennant/Agyeman Video Diaries on YouTube)...they've made YouTube take it off...cheap friggin' bastards! May they rot in hell.

Okay, I know that's a bit strong--and that the blinkin' Beeb has it's reasons--but still, I literally cried when I saw that S & J had been yanked.

But my life is like that--every time something truly good happens to me--something worse comes along and ruins it.

Why the hell shouldn't I be suicidal? Why? What the hell is there for me, anymore? Nothing. I'm not kicking off yet--but I'm very, very close. It's not going to take much--just one more thing. It's been too much, over and over, bad things keep happening--how many people lose their homes twice in one year? Lose their family? Lose jobs? Lose. Lose. Lose. That's me, **** the "genuine old maid" bit--I'm really more just a genuine topgrade loser.

I hate this!
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1 Response Apr 2, 2007

Your not a loser! There must be other things that make you happy. Like I said before, you are a freaking strong woman to go all through this. Life does suck but I truly hope it gets better for you. That book idea would be a good thing to get your mind off things and put it into your own little world. I have never watched Dr. Who before. What is it about?