Lonely Whovian

I know a total of 1 dedicated Whovian offline. I wish I had been born in Britain xD

Anyway, because it's only me and my friend, I've had to make up for the lack of Who-ness by being extra obsessed. I can't watch the Old Who, because our libraries don't have it, and I don't know of anywhere to buy it, online or offline (not that I have the money). So I just watch the New Who, which I get from our library.

Unlike nearly 80% of New Whovians, my favorite Doctor is NOT David Tennant, and my favorite companion is NOT Rose. No, I defy the cliche, and like the Doctor nobody else does- Matt Smith. My favorite companion is probably Donna, mostly because she doesn't instantly fall in love with the Doctor, like all the other (female) companions.

I have the 11th Doctor's screwdriver, but all it does it light up. My friend has the Tenth's, and it lights up, makes noise, and has two types of pen. I was jealous xD

My favorite monster changes weekly, but I really like the Weeping Angels and the Silence are awesome. Neither are particularly scary after you've watched the episodes a few times, but they're really cool anyway.
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ahhhh lonely whovian! <br />
you are awesome!<br />
<br />
just a quick one for you ..if you know anything about downloads n stuff ( i'm self tought) <br />
why is tought not aword ?<br />
ehh <br />
more British-ness for you !<br />
<br />
go online and check out first bittorrent ..then torrentz...'<br />
im from England living in the U.S . <br />
<br />
so i understand the lack of WHO' over here<br />
but my friend it can be done...my daughter and i watch any episode, every night....it can be done ! any questions let me know ...anything for a 'DREEEK' :)<br />
<br />