My Doctor Who Memories And Some Funny Stuff

I frist experienced Doctor Who when I was about 10 it only came on at 11:00 because we had the rabbit ears next to the TV for signal (and still do). I never got to stay up late but that night I was already up and my father had fallen asleep at the beginning, but I was hooked. I now stream episodes through Netflix and am constantly rewatching episodes. My favorite Doctor is, of course, David Tennant. He was phenomenal. And now some funnies

Little boy in gas mask- Are you my mommy?
Darth Vadar- No Luke I am your father.

Barty Crouch Jr.'s box is bigger on the inside

Doctor Who promises to show his companion all of space and time...spends the majority of time in London

Fez's are cool!

"Weebly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff" ... it is a technical term
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Check out the third doctor -<br />
"I am he and he is me" (talking about the first and second doctor in "The Three Doctors" special)<br />
Companion Jo Grant -"and we are all together coocoo cachew?"<br />
Doctor- "What?"<br />
Jo-"it's a song by the Beatles!"<br />
I liked these lines.