I have watched Dr Who for years, all of the first series that my local PBS station showed, the movie, and all of the new series. I think the best episode/story lines is The Day of the Doctor. It is a story that spans centuries, joins three doctors including one never seen before, but implied in the new series from the beginning. Clara has an essential role, and the weapon interface/bad wolf girl is superbly played.
There is a new problem raised of life after the Doctor. The museum curator is unmistakenly the 4th doctor after regeneration to later doctors. I look forward to seeing how this process happens.
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I love the Day of the Doctor. I have it recorded on my DVR!

I do too!

Ahhh I've seen that special like six times and every time it gets me so well! The writing and the character acting just slay me.

I too have watched it many times;