We Need More Dubiousone-ness

I happened to 'discover' you in the question section. I liked your answer in 'Have You Ever Been Bullied.' Then I read your story about being a protector the weak which led me to a whole new world of DubiousOne-ness. Man, you are one hell of a writer and  one hell of a debater. Remind me not to  get into an argument with you. You are a man of strong convictions but also have a big heart. And you can fight. For all this I respect and admire you. Hope to see more and more of your stories and to get to know you better through them. 

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

An friend of mine had recommended reading her books. I've been too busy with school work but will during summer vacation.

I am a fan too! I like people that can so easily articulate my deepest feelings and beliefs.