Tears, Joy, Laughter, Trauma.

I have to say efukt is a really unique site on the internet.

I have seen things there not person should ever see, and yet I have seen some amazing things as well. The webmaster has a really sick sense of humor, but I like it. My favorite part about going to youtube to find a song I have discovered on efukt is seeing comments by other youtube users saying how they have come across the song because of efukt: knowing that there are many other perverts out there with a sick sense of humor makes me laugh and feel at ease with the world's transition into feeling comfortable with topics involving sexuality.

If only we could one day know who this webmaster is, so that he could achieve eternal fame for his sick sense of humor. I know efuct should be a meme. One can dream can't they?

Anyways here are some songs that I like and have found on efukt:

"Lessons learned" by Matt and Kim

"Bash the cervix" by RIchard J. Amtmann III
kintar0 kintar0
22-25, M
Dec 16, 2012