Arsineh Is The Only Staff Member Of Ep With A Name And A Picture...

I sincerely hope you are a real person and not a committee. You are the only person, I'm aware of at EP, who has published a name and a picture. Even if you are a committee, you're a really nice committee and that's a fine picture. I'm proud to now be an EP supporter and especially proud to be a member of your fan club. Thanks for all you to to help us improve Experience Project.

OliverDrab OliverDrab
2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

I've had lunch with her at the EP office, real as can be.

What about EPGrace, EPClaribel, EPjake, EPJulio, EPNeil, EPjessica, EPJoey? Some of them don't put their faces here, but they all publish their names.