Fantasy ..yes

This is my fantasy story..there was a small village that had two children..Jill and they were playing they didn't realize that they have actually stepped into the magical land..looking at all those shiny fruits they couldn't resist and plucked two....then the witch flew in on her latest turbo broom....hee hee..who has plucked from my magical trees...she asked..finding these two as guilty..with her wand she casted a spell and turned them into birds.. Now the two sparrows hopped and flew in the cage of the witch. Then one day, they thought let us tell the witch we are sorry . So..they went to her as she was making soup and asked for forgiveness..but no witch got more upset and two must bring me the sunshine from the moon ..umh..that was weird so they flew to moon and there was an astronaut he had discoverd a blue stone..he told them if you give it to the witch you will be free..They returned and gave it to the witch..telling her that it must be never seen in the day..only at night should the witch look at it..come that night and all was dark..the blue stone shined like a day..and then the witch shook..and gosh! no more it has made her disappear...and go !
Both wanted to fly but have lost their flight..for now they were back as Jill and Jack, as before...
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Wonderful story.. fantasies are unlimited. The actual essence of love remains as it was on very first day. Keep writing up.

thank you :)

Story of dreams, dreams in a story. Two children trapped, like two lovers united in their communion. The sun illuminate and moon refreshed. Always the play of light yellow and white, yellow like gold, white as silver. Gold and silver, the sun and moon, man and woman ... Union of opposites and opposition from unions .. Freedom hearts and souls of joy ... And all over again ... as before. Day in the sun, with the moon at night!

how beautifully you interpret the lights in different shades..making the opposites sound as two parts of a single whole..very nice..thank you for your comment