Who Isn't

A really thoughtful and funy guy, who cannot be his fan?

nudeinva nudeinva
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8 Responses Mar 4, 2009

i agree with ya friend!

Aw thank you inva! :-)<br />
<br />
I was off to just get back to my normal self, and here i am! :-)

What do I mean, I mean that I am thankful that I have gotten to know you via EP that you are in my circle so that I can keep up with your constant funny and wonderful activity and I get to be the recipient of your stories and comments which sometimes cause laughter, other times wonderment, but always make me smile. That is what I mean!<br />
BTW, it was kind of quiet while you took off for a week or two. Glad you are back!

Hehe what do you mean? lol

Thankfully, we are!

Hmmm we are friends already! :-)

I think you are far beyond that!

Aww but to say the least, can I be your apprentice?