Ok...lets Make Him Smile Too!

x-( how can u do that face?heh i smile each time i see it :) *ELfloydiano*

--thanxs(u accepted it so dont say anything)for listening and all those smiles..all..heh

actually i dont think u understood that when i talked to you the last time..it was really bad..but coz u listened and just talked i thank u..

and heh i want everyone to call u FloydShines,FloydShines hehehehe hehehehehe

and so u know i didnt saw that girl,from The Ring coming out of my mobile screen :)

..heh FloydShines! ...*shine will smile too now*

...and dont say i m a ghost again..!but i ll haunt ep anw!!!


annasangels annasangels
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9 Responses Mar 9, 2009

heh lets all call him that and he d defintely run after me,heh

hehehehe :D


Hehe its ok, al least you smiled! :)


X_X<br />
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hehe thanxs...after FloydShines sure he laugh

this is a cute story. he will like this!

Ah - I think that this will make him smile big ... :)