I absolutely love him. He looks so hot with his glasses and spunky english idiosyncrasies..

Everytime I watch this dude all I can think about is how much I want to slap his buttocks and wink.

I love investigative journalism and this is by far one of the most entertaining series ever, I watched a show a couple of weeks ago that highlighted a religious cult that had a fixation on "****" and damnation of other sub cultures; I was pretty stoned at the time (post university exam relaxation time) and I was mesmerised by Louie's patience and persistence with rationalising the obvious ridiculousness of their attitudes.. particularly the impact it is having on their children.

Very good story and a very very beautiful man to watch. I want to meet a man like him one day *sigh*:)
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Haha! I like him too but you can have his buttocks all to yourself!

i have seen one or two of his episodes.. interesting pick

Yes a man like him is liked by girls like you. I ever wanted my butts to be slapped .