My Letter To Mary J. Blige 2/11/10

Dear Mary,

I respect you like a big sister.  I value your music and message like a precious family heirloom. There are far too many females in your position (the spotlight) that take the road of self derogation.  You don't ***** on camera to sell records.  You don't compromise your self-worth by singing vulgarities. You never demean your sister listeners.  You instead encourage us to be prideful despite the representation of black women in the media.   You are the exception to the prescribed social rules and roles.  You're classy and self respecting.  You tell the truth about your experiences and I feel your heart when you sing of your triumphs and failures as a human being.  I listen with my heart to your songs.  I don't steal your music because I want to support you in your efforts to be better than your peers.  I listened to a sample of your newest album on Amazon and I will purchase it as soon as I pull my little money together.

I've been encouraged by you (during several times in my life) to continue loving myself and others.  Your message is always positive and motivating.  I love and admire you for your courage. I attended your concert two years ago and was so very proud of your energy and commitment to your audience.  You gave a phenomenal performance. I could only watch from a distance as you poured out your heart in song.  You're truly blessed and I'm grateful you pushed your way through to send the message you share.  My only wish is to continue to support you in your efforts. 

I wish you love, happiness, peace and guidance.

Sisterly Love,



She's Beautiful inside and out.  Actions speak louder than words. Mary only represents healthy living and loving.

LOL!!!  I saw her on the NBA Dunk Offs and cheered louder for her than the players.

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

MrsIcb dontcha kind of feel like she's been there through a lot of the stuff in your life? <br />
Mary has come so far since 411. Thanks for reading.<br />
<br />
Luv, I would be so very be happy knowing this letter made it to her. Its truly from my heart.

That is a truly beautiful letter ICL. I think Mary would be very touched by it. xox