Pure Love For Purelightbeing

One of the most loving, warm, intelligent and honest spirits I have ever encountered on EP.  I respect the wisdom.  I respect the way it is offered.  And, if I knew Purelightbeing personally, he would get the biggest hug from me & some of my best vegetarian dishes?

Yes, I am very proud to be his fan. (one of many, many) I am glad we did not lose him, forever.  Thank the Creator for his many Miracles & our Purelightbeing.

Peace Light Love & Blessings

livingwell livingwell
51-55, F
2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

See I Love you no matter what you call yourself. Just keep calling yourself, my friend, beloved. Bear Hugs, livingwell

Elf bows deeply to Livingwell<br />
I just found this a couple of years late