Myali K'tee Emm Rudju

Nothing's ever
Gonna be the
Same for me

I ain't had this
Feeling since
I can't remember

A warm breeze came so subtely
Blew in to my soul so free
flows like a stream thru me

Nothing's ever
gonna sound the
Same to me

Since I heard the
Music in your voice
mo Myali friend

You found my passion
Gave it back to me
Sung like a Melody

Nothing is ever
gonna feel the same
to me again
If I ever place my fingertips
Upon your naked skin

 I close my eyes and dream of
You and now....... oh how I see
Unlikely this is meant be

Nothing's ever
Gonna taste
The same to me

Once I  taste
Your sweet lips
like wine oh my
K'Tee Emm

Never saw this coming..but
If it was mean't to be 
I only wish that this
Was my..reality
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Mar 14, 2012