Get Ready For Season 6!

The CW announced two weeks ago in an unusual move since they normally do not announce who has been renewed or cancelled until April, that Supernatural will have a 6th Season.  Eric Kirpike is already on board as are most of all the writers from the last 5 years. Speculation now as to what will happen next year seeings how they are doing the apocolypes you really can't go anywhere from that? Also the question of will Cas remain for the 6th Season or will he be killed this Season, there has also been specualtion that Bobby will die this Season in an attempt to save Sam or Dean, though I don't know how true that is.


The show returns on March 25 to air the final 8 episodes of Supernatural or the end of the 5th Season. Look for Sam and Dean to return next year for one more ride in the Metallicar!


One more peice of news I have heard is that Pam the phychic is going to be seen again in the last 8 episodes with the 100 episode on April 15, they are saying this is a pivital show concerning Dean, and Micheal. Most remember Lucifer told Sam that he would say yes on April 9 in Detroit. Have to wonder what is instore!


Look for Zombies when they return, all hell is about to break loose once again!

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I love's a great show..that's filmed at the psych hospital where I work...I've even been to the convention that's held in my hometown city...and Jensen and Jared...are incredibly funny in real life...and even better looking....thrilled the show will be back for a 6th we were only promised 5...! :)

If you go to you can find out a lot of info on Supernatural like Jared got married this weekend to the actress that played Ruby in Season 4!<br />
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There have been rumors that John will be God, you know seen in the image of the father? I don't know how true that is but they did bring young John back this season. I hope they do bring John Winchester back one more time, feel there is unresloved issues there.<br />
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I hope they don't get rid of Castiel he is a really great person (can follow Misha Collens on Twitter) and a great actor as the confused Angel. Hope they keep him and you are welcome for the updates *S* What can I say I am a FOOL for the show!