No Duh!!!

How can i not be, when she is such a perfect companion and lover, a lady with talents and wit, intelligence and sensitivity, and my soon to be wife.   I love you, sxdup, my Penny, with all my mind, heart and soul,  my Princess, my precious, cherished treasure, my wife, fiance, and my love. 

I love you, my sxdup,


headstrongheart headstrongheart
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4 Responses Jun 30, 2010

The time we spent meant just as much to me, Jerrica!! xoxoxoxo<br />
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I love you, too FB!!!!!!!! <br />
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Thank you all!! (blushes deeply...... :-) )

Thank you, jerrica, i am extremely, extremely lucky to have her in my life!<br />
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add me to the fan list too. her reaching out to me when i'm feeling pretty low means so much to me. tiger, you are one lucky guy to have her in your life :)

I love you, too, baby...more than I ever thought possible when we met over a year, how things have changed!!!! You are my eternal husband....from before time til long after it has ceased to exist...I love you, Donny....MY love.....