Found Him By Accident...

I was waiting for a friend at B&N, he was running late so I was cruising the fiction section.  I saw a series of books, with really cool covers - there were 3 of them.  They turned out to be three of the four books of his Otherland series.  I bought them on cover alone (which I can't recall doing in the past).  I was instantly hooked.  I read all three in a few weeks, only to get to the end of book three and find out book four was not yet published.  Over the next couple of weeks I read through Tailchaser's Song, and through all four books in his Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series.

His style of writing clicks with me.  His characters and worlds are so vivid.
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1 Response Feb 27, 2007

I am on River of Blue Fire, about 2/3 through. Reading it is almost a spiritual experience, and some of his scifi predictions, such as our relative languidness toward space compared to our fascination with the net, the corporatization of the World Wide Web, and ability to modify brainwaves to create a druglike stupor with an electric "charge" (The God Helmet does this in real life, albeit at a basic level), are impressively good.<br />
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What I mainly like about them is that they seem to take from all sorts of different genres, and stir them together into a massive Steampunk salad that is just freakin awesome.