A Real Fan Of Damon's!

I started watching Vampire Diaries only because it came on before Supernatural. I know this was a book or set of books and that because of the popularity of Twilight, the CW decided to give it 7 episodes. They quickly changed that to 13 or a full season. Then they won a People's Choice Award. I have to admit I am not into Stephen or Ellana, there to HS for me, to immature considering Stephen has been around for over 100 years.


Damon became my favorite as soon as he came to the show. He was everything a vampire is and more. I loved him as Boone on the show LOST, he has more sense then his brother, he has no emotions to really lag him down except for the love he has for Katherin. All Damon wants is to have her back.


I am hoping the CW will give them a second season, vampire shows don't do well on T.V. and this is far more high schoolish then Buffy was. Still it hooked me, love the show and can't wait to see what happens down the road for these three and the families that are now involved. Cool they have witches to.

Crina Crina
Feb 7, 2010