Fanfics Addicts Anonymous.

Seriously, writing (and reading) fanfictions is a big part of my day! I'm always on fanfiction.net. In fact, I'm probably on it too much!

I'm writing fanfictions for X-Men, Four Brothers, Harry Potter (present and past), Star Wars, Supernatural, Smallville, ALIAS, Roswell, and a bagillion more!

One of the best fanfictions I've EVER read is by GatherYeRosebuds and is a 3-part x-Men series entitled "In Her Glory", "The Promise Broken", and "Last Words". Each part is five chapters long, five chapters of complete wonder! If you love fanfics and you love X-Men, GO READ THIS!!!!

Also, if you're interested... http://www.fanfiction.net/~secretsbeneathmysoul

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2008

Not in my styles, but you're a fellow traveler. I've got three fanfics going right now over there - A Stargate SG-1 AU tale "Bag job", an alternate backstory to the movie "Battleship" (sorry, but Peter David's Novelization annoyed me beyond belief) and a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. story - the Ukrainian video game.<br />
And if you're over on fictionpress, i have a raft of stories over there.<br />
Writing is a good outlet for self-ex<x>pression. Everybody needs to do SOMETHING to express themselves, lest they go insane.

I am an addict to but i write Yu Yu Hakusho. <br />
sorta hard for me to get it all out so right now I'm writing my first story on fan fiction <br />
look up Sky Saga and maybe you can help me out on my writers block and so on ;p

I really think you shouldn't post that kind of messages. I think some people are trying to stop reading so much. .D