Fanfics Addicts Anonymous.

Seriously, writing (and reading) fanfictions is a big part of my day! I'm always on In fact, I'm probably on it too much!

I'm writing fanfictions for X-Men, Four Brothers, Harry Potter (present and past), Star Wars, Supernatural, Smallville, ALIAS, Roswell, and a bagillion more!

One of the best fanfictions I've EVER read is by GatherYeRosebuds and is a 3-part x-Men series entitled "In Her Glory", "The Promise Broken", and "Last Words". Each part is five chapters long, five chapters of complete wonder! If you love fanfics and you love X-Men, GO READ THIS!!!!

Also, if you're interested...

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Not in my styles, but you're a fellow traveler. I've got three fanfics going right now over there - A Stargate SG-1 AU tale "Bag job", an alternate backstory to the movie "Battleship" (sorry, but Peter David's Novelization annoyed me beyond belief) and a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. story - the Ukrainian video game.

And if you're over on fictionpress, i have a raft of stories over there.

Writing is a good outlet for self-expression. Everybody needs to do SOMETHING to express themselves, lest they go insane.

I am an addict to but i write Yu Yu Hakusho.

sorta hard for me to get it all out so right now I'm writing my first story on fan fiction

look up Sky Saga and maybe you can help me out on my writers block and so on ;p

I really think you shouldn't post that kind of messages. I think some people are trying to stop reading so much. .D