Harry Potter- A Hermione Granger/ Severus Snape Fan Fiction

Disclaimer : Many Of The Characters Including Severus Snape and Hermione Granger obviously DO NOT belong to me. Everything Harry Potter Related belongs to JK Rowling. I only get to build on the foundations that have already been set. There is no intention of copyright.

Prologue:My story takes place while Hermione is in her sixth year at Hogwarts. The story before now is how it has happened in JK Rowling’s Books. However in my story i want to display many different sides to Severus Snape, build on some of my favourite characters and of course create a romance between Hermione and Snape. ( My Favourite Characters) In this story there is no book that claims Snape is The Half blood prince, no horcruxes and no deathly hallows. Voldemort is back as we all no and now the wizarding world are aware because of his appearance at the great battle within the Ministry.

Chapter 1: The Last Night

“Pack” Hermione said as she flicked her wand at her trunk. She watched as all her school supplies flew into order and landed neatly inside it. Her books had a little trouble fitting but she had used an extension charm so they just about managed. She smiled as the trunk lid shut and locked firmly into place. Finally she was going back to school. The summer holidays had been awful. Harry was angry about Sirius death and had been taking it out on everyone, he was snapping at her and Ron every five minutes and if he wasn’t he was sulking. She also knew he was blaming himself for the **** up that had happened at the ministry. Ron was on edge because of this behaviour, he was trying to comfort Harry but was getting no response, so he spent most his time outside working on his quiddict skills. Ginny was depressed because Harry had barley spoken to her, Hermione could tell she was hurting, her love for Harry was very strong but he was keeping his distance, his way of trying to protect her. Grimmauld Place was as dark and dingy as ever, the portrait would screech out whenever one of the order members passed it, Kreacher the house elf skulked around muttering nasty words and every member of the order seemed to bring more bad news. Hermione was glad to be leaving. It was late now and she could hear the light snores coming from Ginny’s bed. Two hours or so had passed she was still wide awake. “Lumos” She muttered as she decided to get up and go down to the library and do some reading. Once at the stairway she muttered “Nox” and out went the light coming from her wand. She crept passed the sleeping portrait doing her best not to wake it and she did a sigh of relief when she reached the corridor at the bottom of the stairs. Heading towards the library she stopped just outside the door. She could hear the distinct voice of Albus Dumbledore talking to Arthur Weasley.

“Please go wake Molly, Arthur, it seems we will be needing her help” Arthur didn’t reply but was heading for the door. Hermione panicked creeping further down the corridor and hiding in shadows of a corner. She watched as Arthur left the room and headed towards the stairs, he never even bothered to look back. Thinking it was only Albus in the room she walked in. She stopped dead in her tracks. Dumbledore was stood over a large black shape that seemed to be covered in ripped robes and was bleeding severely. Moving closer she saw the man was unconscious.

“Miss granger it is a little late, can I ask what you are doing up at this hour better still can I ask why you are wondering the house?” His voice was calm but very crisp. He was not in a good mood and with good reason. Staring at the limp less figure on the floor she ignored his question and asked one of her own.

“Sir will professor Snape be alright?” her voice coming out as just a whisper.

“Yes but he is very hurt Miss Granger, I’m afraid he has been hit with many dark curses”

Just then Molly and Arthur Weasley came running through the door.

“ Oh Albus” Molly Said and she bent down to take another look at Snape. She used a summing charm and quickly began feeding a red coloured potion into his slightly a jarred mouth.

“Hermione what are you doing up?” asked Mr Weasley.

“I couldn’t sleep so I figured a bit of light reading would help, I’m sorry” she was now staring at the floor not knowing where to look or what to do.

“Miss granger since you are awake and have now witnessed this, may I ask of your assistance?” Albus voice was softer than before.

“Mine Sir?” She said with confusion.

“We will need all four pairs of hands to help”

She watched as Molly kept feeding Snape the red potion, now that she had got a closer look she could see it was some kind of pain relief but she had never seen one made so strong before. She watched her headmaster’s incredible magic. She watched as he sucked some of the dark magic from Snape into his own wand. Seeing the Black smoke like lines coming from Snape and going into Dumbledore was incredible. It was having no affect on the old man at all. Magic Hermione had never seen or heard of, She would ask him about it at another time.

“Begin healing him Miss Granger” she followed this command. She thought to herself this is why Albus was in charge of the order. Even in situations like this he thought logically and stayed calm which seemed to calm the others around him.

“Episkey” and she held her wand over Snape’s stomach. The spell she was using was nowhere near as powerful as Dumbledore’s but he was already using other spells to try and wake the professor. Molly continuously fed him the pain relief, And Arthur was removing the ripped cloak and his black leather boots. As Hermione hovered her wand over different parts of the mans cut and burnt body, Healing some of the visible marks, she had just got to his shoulders when he opened his eyes. There in that split second she saw the agony, the pain and the hurt that this man was in. She saw his vulnerability, she felt his loneliness a way she never seen this particular teacher it didn’t go with his characteristics.

He was not awake but appeared better, his breathing was rapid but noticeable. He was no longer bleeding.

“Ella” Dumbledore spoke the word aloud. Before Hermione could even question a house elf had appeared. “Ella please could you transfer professor Snape here to one of the empty beds upstairs, stay with him, lock the door and I shall be up shortly.” taking a look at the sleeping man, Hermione could see the house elf was as shocked as she was but within seconds both Snape and Ella were gone. She looked around the room waiting for someone to speak. “I think it is time for bed Hermione” Mrs Weasley said.


“Miss Granger, I think Severus would like for you to keep what you witnessed to yourself as would myself. And thank you it was far easier having more hands to help”

“yes professor and I wouldn’t tell anyone, I hope he will be alright, Goodnight” She looked into her headmasters’ twinkling blue eyes, she could clearly see he was worried by what had happened but didn’t know what else to say. As Dumbledore stared back into her brown eyes, he could see that they were truthful and more importantly caring. Albus had not known anyone to show Serverus this much worry and care in a long time.

“Bed Hermione Dear” and she was rushed out the room and watched as she went up the stairs by Mrs Weasley. She lay down in her sleeping bag and thought for a very long time about Severus Snape. About his Characteristics, his personality and how little interaction he had with others. For some strange reason it bothered her that he was lonely and hurt. She put it all down to being a Gryffindor and fell asleep. Weaving in and out of dreams about her potions teacher.

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Just Saying If You Dont Wanna Read It, Dont?! Is It Not As Simple As That? I Thought The Group Was Going In Favour of Fan Fiction. Didnt Realise Fan Fiction Was An Addiction.. Surely It Cant Be A Bad One As Its Full Of Creativity And Enjoyment? I Had Fanfiction.net but didnt like the layout.

Please respect the notion that any sort of addiction, no matter how big or small, can darken a person's life and one may find it almost impossible to escape it.

Just saying, but this group is for fanfic addicts - and the majority of us want to stop reading fanfiction. I would advise you to go to fanfiction.net to post your stories because it's a bit insulting and cruel to post such stories in a place where people trying to get away from the addiction are. If it's good, I don't know, but I do know that this is the exact thing I'm trying to escape and that it doesn't help to see it here, in a place I came to find support. You'll find much better responses from the fanfiction community, which is full of wonderful readers, writers, and reviewers. I'm sorry if this comes out as being mean, but it's true. You wouldn't go waving a bottle of rum at an alcoholic, would you? Then, by that logic, you shouldn't wave tempting fanfiction around fanfiction addicts.

Should I make what I think happens in either A) the goblet of fire OR B) order of the phoenix.

Not what I think happens but what I think should.

i love harry potter!<br />
you are an amazing writer!<br />
nice job putting in emotion and disc<x>ription...i would have never been smart enough to do that...<br />
it is so cool!<br />
you would like my friend, who i call shock.<br />
bye!<br />


this is really good, im not a harry potter fan but my friend is and she said its amazing and wants to read more so good job :-)

I Know It's Kinda Long..