I'm An Adult Addict..

Fanfic addiction isn't just for teenagers. I was actually surprised to find that some of the writers that I read were a few years older than me. I'm 42, and writer-addict is in her 50s. Fanfiction can be addictive for anyone. It's not just teenagers who get "sucked in" writing, or reading, fanfiction.
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Wow that's cool:) What fandom do you write for?


I know what you mean

Thank you.Sounds like a lot of fun

I'm very curious.What is fanfiction?

My own definition of Fanfiction is the following: when you are a fan of a movie, or a book , or a TV show, comics, or any kind of original fictional story and you like to add to such a story with your own ideas. For example I like Japanese animation series (Anime), when there is one that I really like I go and read stories written by fans like myself, other people that also liked the story but wrote an "add on". Many of these fan-fiction expand certain subjects already touched or presented in the original series. You also can check this website

Just as it sounds: fictional stories that are written by fans of a television show or movie. And just like with books, some are wonderfully written and some leave you wondering if the writer is on crack when writing the story.