Over A Decade Of Fanfic And Still Going Strong...

I started more than a decade ago when I got bored since I'd finished all my library books. My first fandom was Harry Potter and then it ballooned from there into almost 20+ other fandoms. I find myself reading almost all day despite the fact that I may have essays or exams coming up soon and even when my eyes get tired, I'm like "whatever, just another chapter!".

I found that leechblook (for firefox) really helps. I pretty much blocked all possible fanfic sites (AO3, FFN, etc.) and went cold-turkey. The first few days were rough, but it got better after a week or two. However, I just had a break a few weeks ago and have relapsed back into my fanfic addiction... =(
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If you're interested, Fan Fiction Addicts Anonymous (FFAA) is a support group where you can discuss your struggles with fan fiction addiction. It could be a good place to talk - or a good start to recovery (and etc.). =D<br />
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I know how it feels to relapse. It's ok, you can still do this.