It Doesn't Seem Like A Bad Thing.. But It Kindof Really Seriously Is

I started reading fanfiction 6 years ago. Now, whats wrong with reading fanfiction you ask? Nothing, if you do it in moderation.

I didn't have alot of friends growing up, but I liked to read, and I had a computer -so the first day I started reading fanfiction, I just kinda got hooked. It seemed like a better way to spend my time then just watch t.v. or 'moviethon' all day. It started to fill up all my time and when I finally had the option of a social life, when friends called my house asking to hang out, I chose fanfiction instead. It seems really silly that reading stories about imaginary people has become my life.

From when I wake up, to when I go to sleep, I feel like I'm in a daze. Like a lot of other people, I have trouble interacting with others and feeling any type of sympathy or care for them. It's like they aren't important anymore.

My favorite thing is being able to find exactly what you want, you can pick pairings, and the length of a story. Pick crossovers of different t.v. shows or books. You can critique, or you can simply scroll by and create your own. It takes the magic out of the rest of the world where things don't go right and you can't skip the story. In real life, you don't get to decide the ending, and sometimes life can be truly boring. I'm not even interested in reading regular books anymore because they feel so generic and I can't CHOOSE.

More or less, I've wasted six years of social interaction, hindered my development as a child, and chosen fanfiction over real life. Sometimes it's hard to pick real people over the fake. Real people can seriously suck. But I'm taking steps.. baby, itty bitty, toddler steps towards trying to fix things. And sometimes I chose to read in my room for hours about a fantasy world, and sometimes I feel like I'm out of place when I'm with people, but I'm working on it.
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If you're interested, Fan Fiction Addicts Anonymous (FFAA) is a support group where you can discuss your struggles with fan fiction addiction. It could be a good place to talk - or a good start to recovery (and etc.). =D<br />
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I completely sympathize with you. I would read fanfiction for hours on end (still do, occasionally) and for a while it completely destroyed my social life. I would chose to park myself in front of my computer instead of hanging out with friends, going as far as making up excuses to not have to leave the house so I could read fanfiction. I think its a legitimate addiction, but if you just limit yourself you can have the best of both worlds.