I am 28 years old. I have been reading fanfiction since the eight grade. It was started with ff.net, and from there it went down hill. I have skipped classes (while on campus), just to sit in the library reading fanfiction. I am now married with two children and still find myself obsessed with reading fictional stories about fictional characters. It's sad to know how much time I have thrown away just satisfy the itch of reading. Have you ever been immersed in a story so deep that when you 'come up for air' you feel discombobulated and disconnected from everyone and everything around you? It happens to me all the time and I hate not having the self control to tame myself from getting too deep. It's therapeutic reading about others and their experience and I hopei will be able to break from this habit completely. It is time for me to wake up and face the world for what it truly is: boring at times, cruel at times, but also real. I can only enjoy life by experiencing it for myself and not just reading about it.
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Anything can become an addiction if done too much. I admit that I'm addicted to fanfics, myself. Rather than cut them out of your life entirely, try to pace yourself. Sort of like a "diet", if you will. Read just one on the weekends. Or one a month. Life doesn't have to be cruel or boring. I don't really have any hobbies other than reading/writing fanfiction. Not all fic writers are in their teens. I'm a 44-year-old mother of two, who started writing fanfiction in 1985 before I even knew there was a name for it. I talk to others who still write fics as a creative outlet who are actually a couple years older than myself.

Hey, I used to skip classes and do what you are doing. My grades could have been better and I feel I wasted alot of time in college just reading fanfiction. I recently have been reading fanfiction again after getting off of it for almost a year. It's not good and I know I'm doing to escape the bleak reality of failing my internship.

Life isn't boring. Everyone every thing and yourself is hiding from the fact that life isn't boring. Cruel because it is a roller coaster ride-- up and down with turns.

Yes, I completely agree with your last sentence: "I can only enjoy life by experiencing it for myself and not just reading about it." I makes me feel not so alone to read about other people's experiences struggling with a fanfiction addiction as well.

Hi Obsessed84, I think that your goal and determination are amazing - and I hope that you are feeling better. But if you ever need support for what you are going through or would like to give advice about kicking the very REAL and very DANGEROUS fanfiction addiction, please feel free to visit our support group:


Please help us - and help yourself!