How I Knew I Had A Prolbem

I knew i had a prolbem when i had not watched tv in over 4 months not a single show or movie. So when i went back to school i knew noting about the other shos. Then i showed the website to my friends and we all ended up loving. we tlked about a fanfic we read nearly everyday. if it was not fanfiction we talked about other websites and blogs from the internet about our favite pairings. my friends and i stay up tp 12 am r latter reading fanfics and we still barely get any sleep. we still gp out and talk to others sometimes but mainly we prefer toread fanfiction all day. sometimes for me it gets to oints where i have nothing to do after i have finished a fanfic and i become really anti social
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13-15, F
2 Responses Oct 31, 2012

You have two bottles, one with a broad opening and one with a very narrow opening. You can transfer the water from one bottle to the other anytime, try not to spill. There are droughts where you need to drink quickly before you get thirsty. The bottle with the broad opening gives you quick and good access to water and the other will lead you to dehydration. Drinking from both is too tedious. What will you do?

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