Oh God. Where Do I Even Start.

I've been reading for about 4 years. It started out with Draco Malfoy fan fiction. (My sister got me into it. She is also a fan fiction junkie.) I would read all summer. Then I got into Frank Iero fan fiction that then led into Gerard Way fan fiction. It got even worse. I have accounts on so many websites online. I then started writing and thinking up ideas. After I read a couple Harry Styles fan fiction and right now I'm getting into them again. I also read Cm Punk stories also. On Wattpad, I have about 3 stories up and one I am working on. Fan fiction is one of the ways I escape from reality.
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Do you think you are putting too much effort on fan fiction? Maybe you can work hard in other areas. Confidence is the weakness of practically all fanfic or any any addict.

I am far from putting effort into fan fiction. I pretty much stopped all my stories on my sites because I had other things to deal with. I barely read any fan fiction now. I was big with writing and reading fanfic's in the summer when I had nothing else to do. Obsessed teens have now taken over the fanfiction world, and it's not fun anymore.