I'm Scared......

I really am.
I have been addicted to fanfics for the past 1 year. It may not seem so much but after reading for 10-12 hours on a daily basis, it is scary. It all started when last year I was going through a rough patch in my life with a messy breakup and the death of my grandpa. I loved the way it numbed my pain and never realised how addicted I'd become until it was out of control.
I used to be a class topper but it all changed the time I started reading fanfics. The problem wasn't my slipping grades but the fact that it stopped bothering me.
Everytime I got a test paper back I'd feel bad and I'd vow to study harder but it went down the drain when came back home and switched on my computer.
It got so bad that I would stay at home for days, without bathing, eating or maybe even brushing my teeth for days just to read fanfics!!
My parents being busy don't know as to what's going on in my life. They just don't know as to what happened to me.But I do and I'm scared that I'll be a loner, who doesn't have a life outside the virtual world. This has to stop. Any tips on it would be really appreciated. Thnx in advance.

Crazy97 Crazy97
13-15, F
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I know... Maybe you can set up a bigger vow right now and make it so strict that even you will not stop it...? I mean I always feel bad if I do what you did, vowing to work harder. You can set up a day to improve and commemorate it every year to sustain the rule you gave yourself.

Hi Crazy97, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I was exactly like you at your age - a class-topper and a (relatively) normal person - until fan fiction addiction ruined it. This addiction is VERY real and it WILL ruin your life further if you do not try to stop it. Please talk to a school counselor or psychologist and do not get embarrassed or try to hide it. Confront it and deal with it - and find support, perhaps through a site like this one:


Please help us - and help yourself!