I Am Not Facing Realty Because Of Fanfiction

i am a 30 yr old woman going through a terrible marriage. i am just escaping realty and not taking any steps. i am just shutting myself off from realty by losing myself in fanfiction. i want to get deaddicted. please help.
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Actually, this is because you wanted control over something. All beings want to exert control over each other, normally to the extreme. I don't suggest bullying though. You can go around helping people and put bright smiles on your face. Whatever troubled teens do during the worst circumstances are good only if the methods are kept down if they hurt others/yourself.

Professional psychological help is always a great idea. It might help to talk about it and seek advice, too. I hope that this website helps a little, at the very least:


im not married but i've had some problems with my family and feel like im using fanfiction to escape, but it sucks up my time and its causing me to miss out on things that i enjoy doing hopefully we can find out how to stop it completely.... i dont want a crutch and i dont want excuses anymore