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On February 17, it will be exactly two years since I created an account on

I started out reading The Legend of Zelda and Fullmetal Alchemist fanfics and even tried my hand at writing some, but I quickly deleted them when I realized they sucked. So, I put away the stories and settled for reading people's stories instead. I used to read Zelda and FMA fanfics all the time, but now that I've moved on from those fandoms and discovered Hetalia, that's all I read.

I write fanfiction too, which sometimes depresses me. Often times I have amazing ideas that could make a great original novel, but I end up thinking about the Hetalia characters in the story instead. I recently had a great idea for a Hetalia fanfic, but instead I decided to turn it into an original story, and I am currently working on it in my free time.

I hope over the next few years or so and hopefully before college I will finally stop writing fanfiction and work on original stories and hopefully get them published. Fanfiction was a great way to get my creative juices flowing and get my work out their for other people with the same interests to see and comment on, but it will get me nowhere. I need to focus more on my original ideas, rather than write about something that has already become successful. I need to make what I think of successful.

If only fanfiction wasn't so addicting....
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Wow - you turned FF into an original creative story. That is amazing, considering that many people find it more harmful than good in general. Please feel free to talk about your experience and give advice to others: