Why I Have No Life, And Never Will

I have no life. And at the rate I'm going, I never will. All of this is thanks to the addicting phenomenon we know and love.... FANFICTION. I guess it started when my friend made me read the Twilight books, and I thought them awful. She then introduced me to fanfiction, and I fell in love. Skip forward about 9 mo., to when I exhausted at least half of all non-canon pairing stories. I read my first cross-over. Twilight and Harry Potter. After this, my addiction got even worse. All my time was spent on my laptop, reading. When I started reading HP fanfiction, I never read the books. So my addiction came to a halt, so I could read the originals and watch the movies. I got half-way through Book 4 (reading) and the Chamber of Secrets movie before my addiction came back with a vengeance. I hated the pairings, so I went back to FF to find stories that I could read. And skip some more time, till now, when I spend an hour and half in the morning reading, and read some more as soon as I get home (about 5:30-ish) until ELEVEN O'CLOCK in the evening. Forget weekends. I'm on the computer all day long. I have few friends, so FF became my friend. My addicting friend. Cutting cold turkey doesn't work, as I found out when I bawled like a baby on punishment when my computer and phone (and anything with a screen) was taken away. WHAT DO I DO?
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Convince yourself that person A actually has a secret background in the past where they are just okay and ONLY friends. When you sleep, make stories that appear them as normal. Every night. It works.

we're the same I'm addicted. I'm worst using anime characters and reading Yaoi >.< (boy sex) I got over it by honestly thinking/doing other stuff I still think its cute and there's nothing wrong with it. people enjoy different things my friend will spend hours listening to the same songs while I'm on the Internet searching for fanfiction