Okay it started in high school, i discovered FF and i started writing a few of my own. Mainly harry potter. I mostly read now, the problem is i can spend my whole holiday reading them! I cant give up! :(
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I understand you completely. I've been reasons HP fanfics for a while now and I have just recently stopped reading them all together. And to e honest I truly feel as though I'm falling apart. If I'm not reading it my mind goes straight to whatever I read in the past. There is only one pairing that I like however, when one of those two characters are paired with a differently character outside of my pairing I feel as though I'm being cheated on. That is mainly why I had to give it up completely and move on. I couldn't get it through my head that these two characters were just that, fictional characters! I hope you don't become so absorbed in harry potter fanfiction. Good luck to you!

I don't thinks there's anything wrong with that if you read it so much pick some styles you like write it yourself if your lucky get it published (50 shades of grey was a twilight fanfiction but the names were changed!)

I know the feeling :) it is really addictive.

That's excellent! WIll you be sharing any of the Harry Potter FF?