Good evening! I just joined because I recently have become more determined to overcome my addiction to fanfiction and this website came up in Google when I was looking for support.
I will most likely write about my specific experience at a different time in the not-too-distant future but what I am wondering right now is if there is anyone (or a group?) who would be interested in helping keep each other accountable and providing support online?
I have been looking around the net for the last couple of days and not found much when it comes to people going through this specific problem and actually wanting to overcome it. I know there are many people on this tag who love fanfiction and don't actually have a problem, and that is totally fine--more power to you to be able to enjoy it without having any compulsions. But for the rest of us who are having some serious issues and want our lives back and want to help each other...anybody up for that?
In some of the comments there are a couple of links to websites that have support and are a place for fanfic addicts to come together and share their experiences, but all of these seem to be currently not in use, so I think we should work on SOMETHING, if nothing else, to gather people together.
To those of you out there who have found yourselves addicted to fantasy, escapism, erotica, shipping, or some combination of the above, just remember there are others out there who have had the same out-of-control feelings and experiences, even if we live in a culture in which such a problem seems to be looked down upon as shameful--or, even possibly worse, laughable.
Your struggle is valid. Keep the faith.
Leave a comment or message me if you are interested in communicating. (Also, I would greatly appreciate any tips you may have for best utilizing this website, as I literally just joined.)
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I am also looking to stop reading fanfiction. I have tried to control it but recently I can't even go a week without reading fanfiction. I read when I feel that real life is too much. This post is about a year old now and I was wondering if you have been able to manage your addition. Have you found a support group? Any advice? Thanks.

I am also looking for someone or a group where we could support each other in quitting. I have searched online as well for support groups and have had the same result as well.

Reading or writing and what genre? I'm a HUGE addict lol but I've been writing for 14 years now