I remember one time in high school it was exam week and I was lying in bed on my iPhone. I was on fanfic.net and I found this story so naturally I was like "oh cool I'll read one chapter and then go to sleep since I have exams tomorrow". But NO. The story was so well written and engrossing I continued to read without regard to the time. I was incredibly startled when my alarm went off while in the middle of a chapter 0_0 I have never been that tired at school. But it was worth it.
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4 Responses Oct 25, 2014

Haha yeah I can totally relate

oh yes, I know that feeling. Once I start reading I can't stop and I completely forget about other things I was supposed to do, ugh...

Wow...I didn't know if there was someone that could compete with me in that regard...I once spent 18 outta 24 hrs reading fanfic on fanfiction.net.

Yeah....it does, my fav site's fanfiction.net and there's not 1 decent naruto fanfic left for me to read...