NCIS Ruined My Life

I read, I write, I revise and study. It's what I do and it sucks. Thing is I feel worse if I went out every night than wrote some FanFiction or read a new story. Its that odd thing of being able to spend five minutes a day having a float on and not feeling bad.

Then you spend ten minutes, and you ask for notifications to your favourite stories. Then you get obsessed checking your mail. It gets worse, your in an exam and you get an idea so you ask for more paper to scribble it down. Okay, I've never done that, my memory is good enough and compartmentalised enough that I can lock stories up in Section C or whatever.

I really wish I wasn't addicted to FanFiction, I wish it a lot. But at the same time, I miss it without it. I think I just have one of those dependant personalities. My life is boring without the action packed adventures of Gibbs and company, or The mentalist and friends. The Terminator robots or the Gilmore Girls. Maybe I should get stoned...

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If you're interested, Fan Fiction Addicts Anonymous (FFAA) is a support group where you can discuss your struggles with fan fiction addiction. It could be a good place to talk - and a good start to recovery. =D<br />
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I'm actually reading this and realizing I haven't checked my email for an update in like half an hour. Now I have to check. What if my favs go updated? Geez. I've got to cut this stuff out.

Stoned would be good

So I came here to see if there was any help. I'm addicted too! To the point where I avoid studying and stuff and it's awful! I wish it would stop so I could get back to my life. Do you want to start a support group on here or something? No Don't get stoned! It's unhealthy and out of all the possibilities out there, such as being a drug addict, or an alcoholic, addicted to fanfiction isn't the worst. I don't write it or revise or study it, but I do read A LOT! I really want to stop. Let me know if you're interested?