Does anyone read any gay or slash or whatever you wanna call it type fanfiction?? If so do you know any good titles I can look at?? I'm kinda in a slump right now and can't find anything to read. I really want to read a transgender story but it seems like their are none out there.
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Memories - Starkblack

Description: AU Zoro/Sanji Sanji was in an accident and has lost his memory. Now Zoro takes the painful steps of helping Sanji take back his life. Will the swordsman win back his love? Or is he doomed to be just a friend forever? WARNINGS: Yaoi, language, severe angst.

I don't know what fandom you're in, but this is from One Piece- an anime. However, since it's AU, you won't be missing much other than what the characters look like. That problem can easily be remedied by searching their names on Google.

This story is basically a roller coaster ride in torrential rain. If you're daunted by the word count (~200k), at the very least, try a few chapters. Reviews are spoilers, don't read them. It's hard to explain in words, but the story really tested my emotional limits. Although this story wasn't the most impactful Fan Fiction I ever read, it is the best general fiction I have read. If two strong people were in the same situation, would they still be able to live through it together? Memories is a wonderful, heart-wrenching Fan Fiction.

I would recommend the most impactful Fan Fiction I read that caused me to go through literally a month of apathy and sorrow. However, please read Memories first. I hope you do attempt to read it and I would be happy to speak with you about it in the future!

On a side note: Ten Steps - Digitallace

Description: Harry seeks the unlikely help of Draco Malfoy to give a boost to his love life, but as usual, things aren’t always what they seem.

I read this story years ago. It had angst, fluff and a lot of important choices.

try searching "yaoi"

What fandoms are you in? If you love destiel, I have lots of good titles :)

And "the other side of the heart" is an amazing fanfic. It's original characters are from homestuck, but you don't need to understand any of that to enjoy the story.
And "you and I will fall in love" is another really good one, especially if you like hetalia. (Personal favorite :))

I mainly stick with supernatural, one direction ( though I'm not even a fan lol) Harry Potter and teen wolf

I see (XD lol) in that case, have you read "Twist and Shout"? It's the most famous Supernatural fic. And it's Destiel (if you ship Dean x Castiel)

Ooooo what site is that on??

Archive of our own. I should have mentioned before, it's a really heartbreaking story. But amazing.

Does it end happy??

I'm afraid not. It's all sweet and happy in the beginning, and then... Well... things get worse

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