My friends think I'm crazy because I spend an hour almost every single morning reading fanfiction. And then I stay up for about 5 more hours than I should reading fanfiction.
Right now I'm rereading some of my favorite stories, and all the emotions and remembering my reaction of when I first read it makes me so happy and amazing and I just love it so much!!!
I would write fanfiction because I have like a TON of ideas but whenever I try to post it, it messes up and I've tried it on my phone, 3 laptops, 2 computers, and my brothers phone and it still wouldn't work! But I'll just make my ideas into books in some amount of years...
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I'm the same way I spend hours reading fanfic and I reread my favorite stories occasionally too lol

Only fanfic addicts get each other! Any fandom that you're absolutely in love with?

Mostly fanfics for books...99.5% of the time is Divergent

I started with sailor moon then became trapped in twilight. Still there to this day