I am looking for someone who addicted to fanfiction but would also like to stop. We can support each other in hopes to quit reading fanfiction. I would like to quit because the reason I do read fanfiction is deep-rooted and reading it so much causes other problems which makes life less manageable. So if anyone is interested, please message me.
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Hello. I want to stop reading fanfiction completely too. I really cannot stop. I am failing papers at university because I am staying up all night reading fanfiction instead of studying. I am reading close to 10 hours of fanfiction a day, mostly from 5pm to 3am. I feel that I am stuck in a negative loop; I read fanfiction to escape real life but the more I read the less I can cope with..well...anything. I would love the support of another person to stop reading fan fiction.

message me.

You need to make a list of coping mechanisms for each unwanted emotion you feel. Also, a coping mechanism you will use when you feel the urge to read.

I want to control my addiction rather than completely stopping :/

Okay. you may be able to control your addiction. I, in the other hand, cannot. I have an addictive personality and when I do something it is either a lot or not at all. how often do you read and at what times?