Hi, I'm new to this group, but I heard this is a safe place to share my thoughts and feelings on the subject of fanfiction.
I have been reading fanfiction on and off for the past 6 years. It was an accident, I swear. It started with one direction fanfiction, and went from there. It began to be a part of my daily life.
Eventually, my parents recognised I was spending an unhealthy amount of time on the computer, and coming away more emotional than before, and stopped me going on there.

Last year, fanfiction returned.

I was reading them daily once more, my emotions spiraling, just like my grades. I would talk about the characters like they were my friends. No one understood.

That was the year of my gcses...jYou can imagine how well THEY went.

I thought when Idstarted college, I would be normal, my life would be back on track. I'd be able to do something meaningful with my life.


The small hours I do at college gives me more time during the day to read fanfics. I have the Wattpad application on my phone, so it is with my person at all times. Since its my phone and I can read in secret, my parents don't know about my problem.

There's no stopping me.

I'm unstoppable.

The other week I didn't sleep til 3 am due to this drug.

That is what fanfiction is. A powerfully, addictive drug. We lose sleep, are emotionally drained, unable to do daily functions, such as communicating with other, real life human beings.



Help me.
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I'm afraid once you go fanfiction you can't go back but it's not all that bad... What is your favourite

Ahh you seem to have the same problem as me I guess. Text me I guess I could be of some help...