I'm a kpopper. i've been reading a lot of kpop fanfiction. when i found a story i read it halfway and start look for more stories. it keep goes that way over and over again till my ipad's safari tabs looks very small for each tabs. fanfictions i read are gay fic. i try to read straight fanfiction but i feel uncomfortable with it. so i don't want to read the straight one anymore. i told this to my friend. she called me i'm weird, but it's okay as long as i'm not gay (no offense to the gay people). and i tell her that i read ****. she's shocked to hear that (we're 12 btw) cuz she thinks i'm innocent and stuff but i'm not. i just didn't share it to people (cuz i think it's unecessary lol). people actually thinks i'm innocent and too pure for this world but in reality i assumed that i know A LOT more about sex than the perverts or hentai fan in class.
SugaGlazeDonut SugaGlazeDonut
13-15, F
Apr 4, 2016