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I'm not a writer, only a reader. Fanfics have showed me a whole new world. However, I don't know if I ever needed another one. I found my first fanfic while I was looking for a video. There were so much, and the site didn't have a Search (like FF.net) so I chose only one, the one with the most reviews. I read that in a month (100x, I was 11, and a slow reader). I stop reading because I was lazy and I couldn't handle too many options. At 13, I was just killing time, and I casually found the death of me, FanFiction.net, I now recognize the lovely blue anywhere. I've spent entire days and my eyes (I have thicker glasses now) reading miles of fics, and some of them don't even make sense. I guess I just want to escape from my life. I have some of them saved in my hard drive in case of me not having internet.

PS. Now I even can't appreciate the script and the characters of some series or movies.

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I understand how you feel! I really want to stop. A lot of what you said applies to me too, the need to escape from things going in my life, and I'll spend entire days reading. Like they say, the first step is admitting you have a problem...I know I sound ridiculous, but it's true. I think this is a real issue, and I think that we can work to overcome this together, if that's alright with you? DramioneLurver and I were wondering if you had any ideas, we're creating a support group if you're interested.

I know I'm not the only one who understands. I used to keep dozens upon dozens of hard copies with literally thousands of pages worth of stories. I was probably reading a million pages every three months or so.<br />
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It was pretty bad.<br />
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I also had a word doc that was just a giant list of fic to read later! I had almost a thousand fics with summaries and links available. It wasn't until a mere couple of months ago that I actually delete the file. To be completely honest, I hated it and was completely crushed. But now, I like not having the temptation there. But it took a long time and a really brave moment to go through with it.