Detection Is As Much Of A Problem Here As Anywhere

It took me a long time to even recognise that I had a problem. I pride myself on my self-awareness, and yet I've been systematically lying to myself for almost eight years. I didn't think I was an addict until I looked back at the last eight years of my life and saw, for myself, how much I've degenerated as a person since then.

It took outright disgust from someone I respect to even initiate this soul-searching. I think more people need to be aware that being 'addicted to fanfiction' is a real problem and not just a figure of speech. And I think that there should be somewhere for people to go to get help--I've been looking, and this is the only place I've found.

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I've only recently come face-to-face with my addiction. I went through withdrawal yesterday (though it took some time for me to figure out what the hell had been wrong with me that day and the previous day) and I caved because I really had to get some sleep before class. Now, though, I'm getting serious about quitting cold turkey. It's going to be difficult, but I think that I'll be able to do it so long as I get the right support. My first move is to seek counselling from my university and this time address this issue. Aside from that, though, I'm completely lost. As of three AM this morning (in about two hours) I will have completed my first day of abstinence. It's already hard. I went and deleted all of my "favourited" authors, all of my story alerts, and I just about cried. So much of my life has gone into that pit of despair.
But the fact that you know that you need to change, that you've been "awakened", so to speak, means that you have a better chance. Someone you look up to confronted you about it, and the way you wrote that tells me that you're likely to want to change that opinion. I believe you can do it. You've got the mentality; you've accepted that it's an addiction. Now you just have to stick through it.
Remember though, as you're going through this, that you definitely aren't alone. This group is made up of people (like you and I) who've come to realize they're addicted to fanfiction and are trying to change things for the better. And it's possible, as it is with all addictions. The only good, proper advice I can give you is that you need support - preferably the support of someone who isn't afraid to tell you when you've done wrong, but also who respects you enough to treat you with dignity. You can do this alone (it is possible), but it will be infinitely easier if you're able to speak to someone, to narrate your difficulties, and for that someone to inspire you to get through this and support you through the most difficult aspects of abstinence.
Hope that helped and provided you with a bit more faith in yourself if you're getting this and aren't yet over your addiction. And if you haven't gotten this, then maybe it will help someone else. :)

I agree with you.I face the same problems too.

If you're interested, Fan Fiction Addicts Anonymous (FFAA) is a support group where you can discuss your struggles with fan fiction addiction. It could be a good place to talk - and a good start to recovery. =D<br />
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We have a support group on We use an Addiction Tracker: each chapter counts as one mark, and we're trying to get control. They always say that it's important to have a support group, you're welcome to join us.