Hobby Farming

I grew up on a dairy and beef farm but don't drink milk or eat meat:) not exactly supporting my heritage am I!

Growing up on the farm was great for me. I feel peace out in the open spaces and have a real affinity for animals. Ours were well cared for and had a good life even if their purpose in the end was to feed humans. 

No farm for me now save for a hobby farm. Not growing any crops, just a variety of trees to keep me and the wildlife fed. Bit of a garden and vege patch. Just focused on rehabilitating this little patch of land. I have my few pets, the occasional lost animal that wanders in and some foster animals from a local shelter (sobs while waving them off to their new happy homes). When I'm more settled, I will no doubt add to the menagerie with long term animal friends as I can't imagine a happy home without them.

I wish my neighbours well but am sometimes sad that our hobby farmers commonly have little knowledge of land management or animal husbandry, have a habit of overstocking and seemingly a lack of interest in seeking out good ways to handle their new chosen lifestyle. Maybe we'll have to go modern and do some structured courses to inspire them with animal care or maybe permaculture. A little inspiration and anything is possible.

Many best wishes to our farmers caretaking the land.

twenshe twenshe
36-40, F
Feb 28, 2010