City Life? Not For Me!

I've never liked city life.  Even going to university in the city and staying in an apartment with my agriculture studies to work on just wasn't my thing.  There was constant noise, too much concrete, too many people, and never enough time to just sit in the grass and enjoy the sunshine.  The air was different there too, not fresh and sweet like it is at home...mixed with the occaisonal smells of manure spread on the fields or of bush fires being burned occaisonally.  You couldn't see the stars, you couldn't even see the horizon with all the tall buildings blocking the view.  The only time I got a reprieve from it all was when we went to the university farm to visit the pigs, cows, or crops or when I took a saunter down by the North Saskatchewan river.  There it was much quieter and the air was more breathable. 

I always looked forward to going home to the farm, no matter what the weather.  I had the cattle to visit, over 300 acres of land to take a walk on (except for the crop fields, which comprised of 3/4 of that), and fresh air to breathe in.  I always almost never got any homework done when I was at home, there was always something else to do that didn't involve sitting and reading all day. 

I was born a farmgirl, farming has been in my blood since before my ancestors immigrated to Canada over a hundred years ago.  I have vowed to my folks that I will never leave the farm, and I swear I will stick to that vow, no matter what.

WildRoseBeef WildRoseBeef
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1 Response Nov 10, 2009

There is no substitute for living in the hills. It never gets out of your system.