I Rather Say Clothing Designer!

In 1999 I recieved a distinction in Fashion Design, I was ver pleased with myself. Since then I have been sewing and selling my clothes. I am still not making enough money from it to not have to work else where, but I know that day must be coming, I plan that day to be in spring this year (Australia, that is, Sep, Oct, Nov). Not sure exactly when, but I really really hope and plan to be 100% self employed by the end of November. I have an Ebay Store where I have been selling my clothes, which I have found alot easier and profitable than wholesaleing. It's a great place for people to start marketing there own craft, what ever it may be.

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Do you have a fashion page; where one can ask you for fashion advice? Good luck with your fashion passion! xo

hey i have a question i have lots of sequins bollywood outfits and i wanna make one or two outfits from it how can i do that using those fabrics

I wish I had a person Massure and a Hair Brusher!<br />
When I am a rich and famous designer I will hire them!

I have looked at Etsy, but you need a credit card to sell, mmmmmm? got application in mail today for one. Better not! Dangerous!

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