I Just Don't Know How To Dress It!

Every now and then I dress up and I look nice. But since I have had kids I just don't know how to dress my body anymore. I wish that I could afford for someone to help me find what looks good on my body and still be in fashion. I want to look and dress like the women on sex and the city...... maybe sexy like Samantha sometimes or beautifuly dressed like Charlotte. Someone nominate me for a makeover please. :)
LivingInMyDreams LivingInMyDreams 26-30, F 1 Response Dec 1, 2010

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Long ago after having my babies I remember feeling the same way. Do you live a lifestyle that it would be practical to wear dresses everyday the way Charlotte does? Lucky you if you do. My life was all about my kids and I did buy the dresses, but they remained in the closet for the occassional dinner out.

In my case I have finally simplified and have a wardrobe that can go anywhere taking the complexity out of the entire thing. You didn't say what size you are, but that honestly doesn't matter. I can just tell you about mine and anyone can do it and look great. If I leave the house and go anywhere at all I always get compliments which feel really nice knowing that I no longer try so hard

Whats become easy for me is to choose classic clothing that will never date you. You will be able to wear these things for as long as the clothing lasts. I've chose neutral colors as a, grey, brown, and of course blue jeans in a dark was is always a staple. Add some jeggings, leggingsand tights. Leggings are so important in creating a different look from something you probably already own. I wear them under long tunics, or short dresses that have been neglected in my closet.....even some long ones peasant style dresses look amazing with leggings and chunky boots. Add a pair of leather boots or uggs for that easy feeling layered look. It makes the dresses appear more casual so that you can feel comfortable wearing it to the grocer or out somewhere with the kids.

Then I am a white shirt fanatic, some black too, but for the most part white because its classy, classic, looks rich bright and pretty and goes with everything in your closet! My favorite outfits consist of a pair of jeans or slacks, a white blouse, a blazer, and shoes and bags that match. Every girl should have a brown and black pair of shoes they love with a bag to match. It pulls everything together.

My eccessories is where I pop in the color. In a bright bag (no need to match shoes with these)...scarves.....I love scarves because they can be so many things. You can wear them tied around your head as a hat, tie it in your pony tail, wear it as a headband, a belt, around your neck or tied to the handle of your bag for color and a classy look. I have found great places to buy these things in all ranges of the price spectrum.

When I was younger I wore fashion for how it looked. Now that I am older and know myself I wear it for comfort. When you are comfortable it exudes confidence and once you find your personal style everything will fall into place so easily.

Eccessories are key and can make something old have a new feel. Costume jewelry which I used to avoid (yes I used to be a fake jewel snob) has come along way. You can buy neclaces for a song made of natural materials such as shells or rough cut gemstones. Add a great cross pendant that you may already have to that and it looks amazing. I have many pendants that have a large clip....if they don't have them you can find them through a jeweler or ebay and to make what you have more versatile. I picked up short leather chokers to add these large pendants to too.

Begin with basic colors if you buy prints make sure you love it because a solid color or a tone on tone print will last much longer and go with more things. Have fun with it. At least try a white blouse , blazer and jeans and when you see how amazing you look and feel the rest will follow. Don't forget sunglasses! It never matters how much you spend on clothes. Try to buy quality. I can sometimes find quality white tee's at Walmart. Check the stitching and what its made of and it should last just as long as its expensive counterpart. I don't believe in spending alot on things I don't need to. White Stag was the brand I remember that had some great tee's. Then with the money you have saved you will be able to splurge on that more expensive yummy long black velvet blazer or leather jacket you might see in the more expensive store. Those are totally worth the money spent. Hope you have fun, it takes time, Good luck hun!