Mr Mix N Match Am I ?

I just packed to move 2morrow and just realize OMG!! I have pretty much outfit
I was come to this city with only one regular backpack, few jeans and t shirts! Now.. It have to fit in 1 big travelin bag
Not include my 5 pair of shoes (2 sneackers,1sport shoes,2formal shoes) and 2 sandals in not more than 6 months!
Am have silly thought of fashion 4 a male maybe, So I feelin strange to have only 2 colours of black and grey working pants (it won't look match with my brown striped workin shirt, so Imust have brown pant, its happen with other colours too)
I have many T shirts in colours,matched with my under wear (so when I wear underhips jeans it would look good aha)
I like to collect accesories too (not girls accesories lol!) I mean ethnics wrist band or necklace, belts (workin belts, jeans belt, metal belt)
And head cover (baseball hats, and head covers like those rapper use what it is called anyway!)
Shorts (up knee length shorts, knee length shorts, below knee shorts) I even have golf short even I don't play golf (its cute!)
Jackets (sport jacket, hoodies, motor bike jacket)
Luckyly I don't wear pajamas or something to sleep, we only have 2 season here (tropical area) I wonder if I had to lived in 4 seasons country, how it goin to cost?...
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1 Response Aug 26, 2011

It is known as a "do-rag". Most of the warmth needed during winter and fall comes from furnaces and blankets. Still, most people wear pajamas.

dont like pajamas, I dont like uniform (I think pajamas is kinda uniform to sleep lol! I know its silly)

LOL why don't like uniform ???