A Sad Wardrobe

I am probably the only female with 7 pairs of shoes... this includes my crocs, shower flip flops, and 2 sneakers. I have 2 pair of heels and a brown flats.

I pretty much only wear 2 different pair of jeans (one black and one blue) and about a dozen of the same vneck tee in different colors. I'm lost!

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If it is a problem for you, then least you have noticed it. Don't forget your character just because you want to keep up with fashion. If your uncomfortable with the way you look, clothing wise, then go out and treat yourself with something daring, something like a sexy red dress. You'd be surprised how just one dress can make you feel great.

I have 2 shoe 2 sandal and i dont count my apparels but i dont think i have so many XD

1 pair of DC's 1 pair of AE boots, AE jeans an t-shirts. We cant all be superstars lol

1 pair of DC's 1 pair of AE boots, AE jeans an t-shirts. We cant all be superstars lol

It sounds like a good beginning. In the past few years I have simplified my wardrobe so much so that I could walk in my closet blindfolded and come out with things that go together. It isn't hard once you haved the basics. If you look in my closet you will see a sea of white shirts of of every style, be it tee's, blouses etc....this is great to have because they look bright and clean, classic, and will go everything you own. So buy white. Don't worry they are the easiest to clean of all of it honestly.<br />
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You own two pairs of dark jeans. Great! Dark washes are the way to go and in vogue right now. Next expand into a few jeggings, and leggings to go under a long tunics or short dress that you may own and not have thought to wear this way. They are so comfy that once you start they will be your go to when you want to look a bit more dressed up.<br />
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My wardrobe is black, brown, grey, and blue denim. Those are all neutrals and grounding colors. Try not to buy trendy because they will be out dated next year. Use eccessories for your pops of color with great scarves that you could wear in or on your head, around your neck, as a belt, or even just tied to the bag handle of your handbag. This is where you can have fun and be as trendy as you want to go. A black blazer is the second thing I would buy after a couple white tees and blouses. You will look and feel so classy in a plain white shirt a black blazer, with a black pair of shoes and matching bag! Add a scarf or a long necklace and you can wear this anywhere.<br />
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You have a pair of brown pair of shoes that you love. Do you have a brown bag to match them yet? If your shoes match your bag people notice. They may not be able to put their finger on what it is, but it makes you look put together. A brown and a black bag are a must. They needn't be expensive. I recently found a store that sold nothing but eccessories and all were so inexpensive, nothing was over 50.00 in this store and 90% wasn't over 12 or 15. A store like this is a must because its so much fun to find beautiful things and the ability to go as big and trendy in this purchases as your heart desires. If you want to add me I can find out what this store is called because they are fairly new and all over the country and take hours to go through still not seeing everything.<br />
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Admittedly a designer bag junkie their bags are amazing that I would wear them and no one would ever know they didn't cost a fortune because they look as if they do. Lastly you need to venture into a pair of boots. I have nice leather boots, but seeing that you are into comfort you might want to try uggs or one of the knock offs. I happen to adore them and they look great as well as comfy with leggings and a dress or tunic, blue jeans etc.....you won't regret them. Who could regret being able to wear slippers to work? ;)<br />
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Building a wardrobe is fairly easy if you follow the rules of classic simplicity so that you needn't start over each year. It takes time and with that time you begin to understand what your personal style is. Remember, eccessories are key. Oh and if you buy a bright lime, fushia, or orange bag your shoes do not need to match these! They are fun bags and make such a statement. Don't forget sunglasses! None of the things I mentioned need to cost a fortune. They have these same clothes at every price point.<br />
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If you look up some of the designer websites you can get idea's of whats in and its great to know these things because you can find dupes of everything from the bags they carry to the color on their nails. If you can afford it great, myself I mix expensive things with a five or ten dollar white shirt. Get some cubic zirconia studs or leverbacks in a believable size for your ears and no one is the wiser. This coming from a girl who has bought far too many pairs of the real thing only to wake up realizing one is gone.<br />
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Fashion really can be effortless. Have fun and please let me know how its going. :)

Seriously you're lucky. I'm a total shoe-a-holic. I have more shoes than I can count. I think I have eight or nine pairs of flip flops, three pairs of boots, one pair of flats (that never, EVER, get worn), ten pairs of heels at LEAST, even though I only wear three or four pairs of them, one pair of tennis shoes, three pairs of slippers and one pair of those fuzzy shoes that have been a craze recently. Anyway, you're lucky. It means you're not that expensive. :)

I for one don't have lots of shoes. In fact I only have one pair of thong sandals, one pair of flip flops, one pair of black shoes and I have like 5 nice jeans. So I guess you're not alone. I suggest that you visit www.lifo.com and share this issue. It's a fun site for girls that lets girls interact with others to share ideas about beauty and fashion.

I am the opposite of you, I have lost count how many pairs of shoes I own and my closet is so packed with clothes I can't find what I want when I go looking for it. Yet I admire your simplicity!! I think you have a greater sense of authenticity than those of us with so many things. It tells me you are not a slave to material things and are probably happier in your life overall because you are not looking for those things to fill a void. I on the other hand can not say the same.

I'm starting to wear Vibrams so I have 2 pair of those.<br />
http://birthdayshoes.com/more-on-the-vibram-five-fingers-bikila-2010-catalog-photos the pink ones<br />
http://greenupgrader.com/files/2008/10/vibram-5-fingers-pic.jpg<br />
<br />
<br />
I gave away most of my shoes. I now have these, 2 pair of sneakers, 3 flip flops, a pair of boots, and 3 slip on heels (red, black, silver). Now I don't have any flats and not finding any that are comfortable. I'm getting ready to give away the sneakers, flip flops and the red heels as they are now starting to hurt my feet.

I like in sneakers and flips...have four pairs of converse. three or four pairs of keds in different colors, two pairs of flats a pair of UGG boots, and of course form my bio never ever wear a bra.

Your shoes are not a sad wardrobe to be ashamed of. <br />
Yours is a reasonable wardrobe of shoes to be PROUD of.<br />
Many women hoard so many clothes and shoes - to which many of which never even wear. <br />
It's a waste of money.

lol, why dont you just go shopping?

I have 2 pair of sneakers and 2 pairs of boots.

>.<I>.> My girlfriend is another story, her poor room is overflowing with clothes everywhere!

Well I just went through my closet and threw out the brown shoes... now I have a black loafers, black boots, 2 flip flops, and 2 sneakers AND a pissed off mother who is complaining why I don't go out and "more decent shoes" *shakes head* I hate shoe shopping... nothing fits comfortably!

I have 3 pair of shoes and only one pair I wear often. None of them are "girly" since I only prefer sneakers.<br />
<br />
I'm not really a fashion clothes kind of girl. I know there are a lot more like me and probably more like you too.

You're not alone:<br />
2 pairs of shoes (sneakers and ugg boots), three shirts, seven man jumpers and two pairs of jeans, and my one pair of black pants for professional occasions.

I have one pair of sandals, one pair of heels, one pair of boots, one pair of clogs, and two pairs of tennis shoes...So I think you have me beat! lol I do have more clothing, but usually I'm only going to wear the same 10 interchangeable pieces. Simple is best. A few well made pieces of clothing and some shoes that fit well and are multifunctional is the way to go. Even the fashion industry agrees, keep it simple.

i have one pair of old sneaker things i got for 10 bucks. 2 pairs of shorts that are falling apart, one camoflauge skirt i made out of army pants, a couple black tanktops, and an old sweatshirt. Its alright dude. Just make sure you wash um alot :)

i have one pair of old sneaker things i got for 10 bucks. 2 pairs of shorts that are falling apart, one camoflauge skirt i made out of army pants, a couple black tanktops, and an old sweatshirt. Its alright dude. Just make sure you wash um alot :)

oh honey!!we have a problem...I agree with another commentor..I dont wear clothing that I DONT LOVE!! You have to love what you're wearing..it actually makes you feel good & happy (which will thus help the world because you will be more positive)!!! I love fashion and trends. I have cut down on my wardrobe..BUT I WILL NEVER BE FRUMPY EVER!!!ha ha!!!

its normal. i don't have many clothes or shoes either. even if you have a lot you end wearing the same things over and over. i need to go shopping more. it depresses me because i don't really like shopping. the clothes and shoes out there are horrible!!

I would rather be bare foot! Flip flops are as close to bare foot as you can get and still go anywhere. Some times I wish I could go and shop and shop. Buy lots of cute shoes, the latest fashons, but with two growing boys still in the house, my money is busy replacing out grown or destroyed things for them. <br />
<br />
I like to remind myself that many of the people in this world don't have 1 pair of shoes, let alone 2. Would they even know what to do with a closet full of clothes? I am blessed! As are most Americans.

1 pair of sneakers<br />
1 pair of flip flops<br />
1 hybrid sneaker/flipflop thing<br />
<br />
... and that's it!<br />
<br />
I probably should get heels but those seem impossible to walk in (considering I have a hard enough time with balancing without them).

My wardrobe has always been pretty non-existent. I also own about 7 or 8 pairs of shoes, which includes cheap Old Navy flip-flops, plain white tennis shoes from Sketchers, a pair of flats suitable for work and a few heels. The flip flops are the most recent purchase. The others are more than a few years old. Makes me feel like less of a woman sometimes.

LOL! That's cool... I think.<br />
<br />
Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone. <br />
<br />
I have 2 pairs of sneakers. Two pairs of jeans. And countless tops that I don't even really wear except for about 5 of them. :S<br />
<br />
But I'm just a college student anyway.

wrong- I have only two pair of shoes and only clothes in black, brown or white.

lol ditto

My personal shopper at Nordstroms was COMPLETELY OFFENDED when I told her I liked a shirt that she had brought and I asked for 4 other colors! She said "Only men shop like that!" Gees I didn't know I was a MAN! *giggles* *shakes head* In my mind this is just SMART SHOPPING... quick and easy!! But alas I'm a fashion victim! *giggles*

I currently own three pairs of shoes.<br />
<br />
I don't like shoes that much :/ I'm not that interested in fashion. I wear what I like, whether it's fashionable or not.

i will be your stylist!!!! haha

I hear what everyone is saying here... but I have to disagree slightly. <br />
<br />
I used to be like you - I only had clothes that I needed - that is to say, student clothes and professional business suits and matching dress black shoes for work. <br />
<br />
I'm not saying I own more clothes than I can wear now, but I have beefed up my wardrobe. I started wearing more colors (I've been told I look very aggressive in black, which is good for law, but not for socializing lol) different cuts, pretty dresses, jewelry, and frisky undergarments. <br />
<br />
It sounds frivolous, but when you put something on your body that makes you feel good, you sparkle. It improves your attitude and you carry yourself differently. You won't catch me in a pair of sky-high Christian Leboutains, but I won't be feeling frumpy anymore either! =)<br />
<br />
So give something new a try! It'll be awesome.... promise!

dont feel lost, i feel i have more shoes than you but i only wear the most comfortable ones most of the time. im a shoe lover but the problem is when i buy a new one, i get blister all the time, im frustrated about this and i end up not wearing anymore my newly bought shoes. :'( i have a lot stock in my shoe rack.<br />
<br />
i have 2 pair of jeans also, im not very jeans person, i have couple of shorts and 3/4 pants, but i collect more tops. but right now im also having a crisis in my fashion. you should not collect same style of tops, u have to get one of each kind to wear in specific occasions more suitable, good luck!

Comfort is the top priority!<br />
I have 7 pairs of shoes too I believe, but I only wear one of two - and one is only worn for work! That's not including my shower flipflops but when I go to college and need those I'll still only have six or seven pairs of shoes because I'll get rid of a lot of others haha<br />
Although I do own a huge number of t-shirts and jeans...

I've got 1 pair of tennis shoes, 1 pair of sandals, a pair of slippers for when the weather is cold, 1 pair of flat shoes, 2 heels (different colors), and then 2 pairs of platforms (different colors). So just like you I only have 7.<br />
<br />
Though I have like 6 pairs of jeans lol.<br />
<br />
I don't see the reason to have so many shoes, I also donate my shoes if I don't wear them after time, I take really good care of my clothes though.

Lets see here...I have rainbows (stolen from hisdollface) and sneakers. My prom shoes and two pairs of black shoes for church. If I'm not in jeans and a tank top-it's either winter or somethings wrong. I believe in comfort!!! Lol. Fashion is overrated.

I have a pair of casual shoes and a pair of sneakers and that's about it.

i think you should feel lucky to be comfortable. i have an obsession with clothing. if i dont go shopping at least once a month i go crazy. i would love to just be comfortable with what i have but with enough clothes to go months without repeating an outfit, i still feel like i have nothing to wear when i look in my closet. :(

I have 8 pairs of converse and I wear flip flops around the house. <br />
<br />
And i have no jeans at the moment. only thing i have to wear when i'm not working is a long white skirt and tshirts.

i have only 2 pairs of heels that i really like to wear and 3 pairs of flats and a pair of converse and flipflops and two pairs of good jeans and 3 dresses and 4 outfits that i usually wear i feel like a loser

I used to be a "shoe-a-holic" enjoying a HUGE closet with plenty of racks and poles on which to pile and hang clothing.....most of it which was never worn. Then I was forced to downsize because I moved to a home with more living space but less storage space. At first I was almost going through withdrawl then I realized one day I couldn't remember ONE THING I had given away....but knew how many pair of flat MUDD shoes and CROCS I had and where they were. I am living proof that clothing isn't everything and you can and will exist just fine with less than you had before. It really doesn't matter trust me. Ignore the magazines that have articles telling you what is "in" and what "accessories" you HAVE TO HAVE. They are nothing but advertising mascarading as articles. Sock away the money you save on stuff you don't need and take a trip. You'll be happier than if you had a closet filled with every outfit to walk the fashion runway. Take it from someone who knows.

I'm building up a worryingly large shoe collection... let's see, 2x converses, flip flops, 2x sandals, 2x black & 1x brown dress shoes, and 2 pairs of trainers. Ten pairs... yikes.

I have ... ONE pair of functional comfortable shoes atm, and a pair of boots. That'd be it!

God I wish i could live this way... so much cheaper, <br />
70 or so pairs of shoes. more clothes than can be counted and I still get the "I have nothing to wear" feeling every time I look into one of my THREE closets. Count yourself fortunate and stop thinking you have to be like other people.

I agree with you with comfort.

your hardly the only one. i have one pair of gym shoes and three pairs of heels, 4 pairs of jeans and a couple of tops. and im not lost just comfortable.